July 3, 2009, 5:34 pm

Properly maintained and clean cuvettes are a basic requirement for accurate and reproducible results with any spectroscopy instrument. Inspect your cuvettes weekly.

If the cuvettes have cracks, chips or scratches they should be immediately replaced. The cost of a replaced cuvette is much cheaper than the cost of lost or inaccurate data.

Proper cuvette cleaning is very important. The residue from previous experiments can result in poor performance, inaccurate measurements and will waste your time and your sample.

Proper cleaning of your cuvettes will increase their useful life and provide more consistent results. Use only high quality lens paper to wipe off cuvettes.

Do not use paper towels, Kim Wipes or other similar types of paper products. Most paper products have abrasives in them and will scratch the cuvette´s surfaces. Scratches will cause light scattering and will ultimately effect your measurements.

At the end of the day, clean your cuvettes throughly, dry completely and store them in a padded cuvette box or other suitable container. If the cuvettes are stored wet , they may dry with sample material on the measuring surfaces, which will effect subsequent measurements.

DO NOT clean your cuvettes in a ultrasonic cleaning bath. The high frequencies used in these baths will damage or even shatter your cuvettes.

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