BSDLab cells supply cuvette in Philippines market as cuvette manufacturer since 2013. The products are suitable for fluorometer, spectrophotometer and colorimeters.

The first cuvette sale order from Philippines is for 10mm glass cuvette.


  • Cuvette cell, 10mm, Lid, Glass G15010
  • Outside Dim HxWxD =45x12.5x12.5mm
  • Path length mm -10mm
  • Inside width mm = 10mm

Cuvette manufacturer for Philippines

It's an order from a System Control & Automation company in Philippines. This is our standard spectrophotometer cuvette with lid. BSDLab item code is OG-4.

We have this popular cuvette model in stock and used SF express to delivery the order. They received the products within 1 week.

Philippines custom cuvette order from Alaminos Laguna

A cuvette suppliers & distributors, the requirement is a cuvette for REAL UV254 portable UV meter from RealTech, Inc:

  • UV Quartz Outside : 45 x 12 x 12mm, Thickness : 1mm, 2 windows polished,

This is not BSDLab standard cuvettes. As a cuvette manufacturer, we make these custom cuvettes for the supplier and used DHL express to delivery the order.

Yes, BSDLab offer cuvette distributor/reseller rate. Helping laboratory dealers succeed is helping ourselves. Any special requirement, please contact us.

How can we help you?

BSDLab make reliable glass and quartz cuvette at affordable prices. Your laboratory can cut costs down without sacrificing quality.

Need help finding the right cells? Need to make custom cuvette?

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