Starna cell catalog number 1-G-1, specification: material optical glass, out dimension size 45mm*12.5mm*12.5mm, interior length: 1mm, interior width 10mm, nominal volume 0.400ml.

a client from Europe Greece, just ask quotation for a glass cuvette for Starna cell catalog number 1-G-1 cheap price.

Question : "We are looking for the below Starna cell: Starna standard rectangular Spectrophotometer Cells, 1-G-1 catalog number, 1mm path length, 0.400ml nominal volume, 2 polished windows."

Glass cuvette path length 1mm photo

Answer : "BSDLAB cells is cuvette maker. Our cell catalog number OG-1 is similar to Starna 1-G-1. It can alternative to Starna cell. But our cells is not Starna brand, our brand is BSDLab or writelabel."

rectangular Spectrophotometer cells, configuration: standard window and wall thickness(1.25mm), primary use,absorbtion measurement in useable range 340nm-2500nm, clear windows: two.

the instruments that rectangular Spectrophotometer cells can be used with all spectrophotometers and colorimeters. available pathlengths: 1mm,2mm,5mm,10mm,20mm,40mm,50mm,100mm, Most commonly used path length: 10mm, Cell top: open top, supplied with a non-sealing ptfe cover.

the other catalog number of this type rectangular Spectrophotometer cells is OG-2(path length 2MM), OG-3(path length 5MM), OG-4(path length 10MM), OG-5(path length 20MM), OG-6(path length 30MM), OG-7(path length 40MM), OG-8(path length 50MM), OG-9(path length 100MM).

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