October 24, 2016, 5:50 pm

glass cuvette in IOLs mfg, the specification: material optical glass, out size 40mm*24mm*9mm, inside dimensions: 38mm X 20mm X 5mm, path length: 5mm.

a client from India, just ask for a glass cuvette for IOLs mfg with good quality and good price.

Glass cuvette requirement in IOLs mfg email screenshot

Question : (1)"As looking to BSDLab company's website, we are searching for Glass Cuvette mfg, which can mfg the glass cuvettte as per the drawing attached in this mail."

(1)"Before I put the purchase order, let me clarify and application of the cuvette". "We are in business of mfg the IOLs, We need this cuvette for measuring the some parameter of the IOLs on measuring machine. Do you ever supplied the cuvette to any IOLs mfg?"

(3)the cuvette should run long time about 8-10 hour/Day having long life,after filling WFI (water) and do not have leakages otherwise there is no use for us."

(4)"Do you have any image of cuvette design for the same to be verify?"

Answer : 1. "we have this model glass cuvette."

Glass cuvette image and design drawing

2 "we are just a cuvette maker. we don't know whether the client use the cuvette to any LOLs mfg."

3 "I confirm the cuvette can be used long time after filling water."

4 "the attachments are the cuvette sample photos, please review it. the specification: Out dimensions: 40mmx24mmx9mm, path length:5mm, precision: ±0.05mm"

Glass cuvette photo and design drawing

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