June 24, 2016, 5:50 pm

Macro cells with ptfe stopper, Absorption Cells, two clear windows,

  • Path Length:1mm~100mm
  • Volume:35µl - 35000µl
  • Different materials available: (ES/UV Quartz,IR Quartz,Optical Glass)

ES/UV Quartz cells for 190nm-2500nm, IR Quartz cells for 220nm-3500nm, Optical Glass cells for 320nm-2500nm.

This type cuvette in our website is "standard cell with stopper, Standard spectrophotometer cells with teflon stopper",

It is similar to cells from Hellma "Hellma macro cells" catalogue Number 110-QS, 110-OS, ... 

If you are looking for an alternative cuvette supplier , please ask for quote. Remember that we always offer you good quality cuvettes with cheaper prices.

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