quartz cuvette(thickness 1mm, thinner than normal 1.25mm) for portable UV meter from RealTech, specification: material UV quartz, out dimension size 45mm x 12mm x 12mm ,thinner than thickcess 1.25mm standard cell .

a customer from southeast asia Philippines, ask quotation for a spcial quartz cuvette for REAL UV254 PORTABLE meter(portable UV meter from RealTech, Inc.) at affordable price.

Question : "I would like to know if you are also manufacturing a cuvette for REAL UV254 PORTABLE meter. We are looking for a supplier on this item. Brand of our portable UV meter is from RealTech, Inc. We would be grateful if you can give us your offer."

REAL UV254 PORTABLE meter quartz cuvette

Answer : "we can make this type cuvette for you.( We have made similar cells for other customers. ) Please confirm the specification: UV quartz, Outsite: 45x12x12mm, thickness:1mm, path length: 10mm, two windows polished. then i can quote you inlcude the express shipping cost."

If you also need quartz cuvette for REAL UV254 UV PORTABLE meter, you can buy this thin quartz cuvette online, or please to ask for quote. We can offer you quality cuvette with cheaper price.

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