Cells for reflection measurements, cylindrical cells, without lids, Applicable to all types of UV / VIS spectrometers, fluorometers, polarimeters.

Item number of the cells in stock : UV-731, UV-732, UV-733, OG-731, OG-732 ...

This model cuvette similar to Hellma® Catalogue Number: 692.091-OG, 692.103-BF, 692.104-BF etc...

Cuvette Specification
Cells for reflection measurements size
Outside Dimensions
Ø x H
Path Length(mm) Inside Width(mm) Capacity(ml)
Φ34x25mm 12.0
Φ50x30mm 32.0
Φ60x40.5mm 73.0

Cells for reflection measurements

Cells for reflection measurements

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