Large Cells 4 windows polished, Colorimeter Cells, Cells for use in Colorimeters.

this cuvette is similar with the cells from Hellma® cuvettes for special application, Large cells, Hellma Catalogue Number 704.000-OG, 704.001-OG, 704.002-OG, 704.003-OG...

manufacturing craft

UV Quartz model large cells use unibody(optical contact) manufacturing craft, Optical glass model large cells use fused manufacturing craft.

Cuvette Specification
Quartz and Glass Large Cells 4 windows polished size
Outside Dimensions
Path Length(mm) Inside Width(mm) Capacity(ml)
22.5x25x25 20 20 6
32.5x35x35 30 30 22.5
42.5x45x45 40 40 56
52.5x55x55 50 50 112.5
Large Cells

Large Cells 4 windows polished

Large Cells 4 windows polished

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