spectrophotometer cell with graded seal, ,Cells with Tubes.

rectangular with graded seal, Cells with Tubes, macro, tube Ø 8 mm, two polished windows.

  • Tube OD: 8mm
  • Overall Height: 120mm
  • Material: Optical Glass
  • Outside Dim: 45x12.5x12.5mm
  • Path Length: 10mm
  • Inside Width: 10mm
  • Capacity: 3.5ml

Item number in stock: UV-704, OG-704

this Bsdlab cuvette specification is similar with the cells from Starna "Starna® Rectangular Cells with Quartz to Pyrex graded seal " type 1/GS, Hellma® Cells with Tubes Quartz catalogue Number 220-QS(220-10-40) ...

transmission on empty cell: at 200nm approx. 80%, deviations in matching: at 200nm max. 0.5%.

material of graded seal cuvette

This graded seal cuvette's material can be ES/UV quartz,IR quartz or optical glass. ES/UV Quartz cells for 190nm-2500nm, IR Quartz cells for 220nm-3500nm, Optical Glass cells for 320nm-2500nm.

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spectrophotometer cuvette with graded seal

Rectangular with graded seal, Cells with Tubes

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