fluorometer cell with screw cap, sealable cells

fluorometer screw cap cuvettes threads absorbance clear and masked Cuvettes, absorbance, screw caps closed and with septum. Screw cap cuvettes are common cells used in analytical chemistry. The exterior dimensions allow the cells to be used with virtually every fluorometer instrument currently in use.

  • Cuvette with screw cap is used under anaerobic conditions.
  • The cap which can be a septum cap or a plain closed cap.
  • Each cap contains a silicon seal to give you an air tight fit.
  • These cells have an exterior height of 56mm(or custom height),
  • Four clear windows and an open top.
  • Typically, windows are 1.25mm thick
  • Each cell in this range is supplied with screw cap.

For cuvette distributor/reseller price or bulk order, please

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