Rectangular with graded seal,Cells with Tubes

Rectangular with graded seal, cuvettes with tubes, works with other glassware, macro, tube Ø 8 mm, two polished windows.

  • Quartz to Pyrex graded seals fused to standard rectangular cuvette, allowing them to be joined to other borosilicate apparatus.
  • two windows polished
  • The normal graded seals dimensions are OD 10 mm, ID 8 mm.
  • Straight bore tubes optional. Quartz tubes can be fused to quartz cuvette, the glass tube and the cuvette need to be fabricated from borosilicate glass.

The specification similar with Starna® and Hellma®

  • Starna Rectangular Cells with Quartz to Pyrex graded seal type 1/GS,
  • Hellma® Cells with Tubes Quartz catalogue Number 220-QS(220-10-40)

For cuvette distributor/reseller price or bulk order, please

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Rectangular with graded seal, UV-704

quartz,10mm Pathlength

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Rectangular with graded seal, OG-704

glass,10mm Pathlength